C&D XT / XT Plus / XTH Batteries

Optimized for high-rate, shorter duration run times the XT and XT Plus Series VLA (Flooded) batteries have been the long life, reliable back up power choices for your critical UPS power needs for over 20 years.

Models include: XT4J-7, XT4J-9, XT4J-11, 4XTH-7, 4XTH-9, 4XTH-11, 4XTH-13, 4XTH-15, 4XTH-17, 4XTH-19, 4XTH-21, 4XTH-23, 2XTH-25, 2XTH-27, 2XTH-29, 2XTH-31, 2XTH-33, XT1L-35, XT1L-37, XT1L-39, XT1L-41, XT1L-43, XT1L-45, XT1L-47, XT1L-49, XT1L-51, XT1L-53, XT2L-23 & XT2L-25

Features and Benefits:

  • Low-maintenance lead calcium alloy extends watering intervals
  • Electrical testing to 100% assure performance of every battery
  • Flame retardant covers are standard to enhance battery plant safety
  • 20 year design life in float service at 77°F (25°C) ambient temperature
  • Available in low and high gravity versions to match your specific application needs
  • Designed for Float (Standard) or Cycling (Plus) applications

XTH / XTH Plus Series

  • Newest Multi-cell versions of XT family
  • Less rack space required – saves up to 20% rack length versus legacy models
  • Higher Power Density
  • All the benefits of the legacy XT Series batteries

XT / XT Plus Series

  • Proven Quality
  • High performance
  • Wide range of KW ratings

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