C&D 2XDJ-7(C) Batteries

C&D 2XDJ-7(C) capacity tests every XDJ battery to 100% of published rating which ensures 100% capacity out-of-the-box (no need to field cycle the batteries to reach rated capacity). This saves time and money for users.

General Specifications for 2XDJ-7(C) 1.215 Specific Gravity:

Battery Type: 2XDJ-7(C)

Part Number: CW17656-PVC

Cells Per Unit: 2

Plates Per Cell: 7

Length in mm: 8.09 (205.5)

Width in mm: 13.58 (344.9)

Height in mm: 15.22 (386.6)

Approx. wt. lbs (kg): 64 (29)

Electrolyte per cell gal (l): 1.19 (4.50)