C&D XDJ Batteries

C&D XDJ batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

Models include: 3XDJC-7, 3XDJC-8 AND 3XDJC-9

Features & Benefits:


  • Time tested epoxy post seal and reliable tongue and groove jar-to-cover seal designs provide increased adhesive coverage area - offering unprecedented seal integrity during service
  • Top suspended positive plate design allows free downward growth without pressure on jar, cover, or post seal - extending reliability and product life
  • Recessed vent area to collect water and acid spills, keeping them away from posts and cover - lowering maintenance and clean-up costs

U-wrapped separator design extends cycle life - improving product reliability

Safe Operation

  • High impact resistant jar material (UL94V-0; ASTM D-635 self-extinguishing, LOI >32) — providing added protection
  • Snap-on intercell connector covers protect against objects and electrical shorts — preventing hazardous situations
  • Low evaporation, flame arrestor vents protect against external source from igniting hydrogen gas within the cells - improving safety

Cost Savings

  • Unique jar design facilitates installation
  • Compact, optimized product size nets up to 40% floor space reduction - saving valuable space
  • Angled posts use standard lead-plated copper connectors and improved post to connector contact - lowering resistance and allowing for quicker installation


  • 3-year full, 17-year prorata

The new 20-year design life XDJ batteries incorporate these benefits in a transparent container for visual inspection of plates and individual cell voltage taps on the connector covers for cell voltage readings.