C&D Pure Lead Plus Batteries

The C&D Pure Lead Plus Series of batteries are the perfect fit for UPS applications including:

  • Data Centers
  • Banks & Financial Markets
  • Hospital & Testing Laboratories
  • Emergency 911 Response Centers
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Network Operation Centers

Models include: UPS12-305PLP, UPS12-355PLP, UPS12-405PLP, UPS12-495PLP & UPS12-545PLP

Features and Benefits:

  • Pure Lead Paste for long life and stable performance
  • Extended life at elevated ambient temperatures
  • 10 year design life @ 25°C
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination
  • Patented Long Life Alloy having the lowest calcium levels in the industry minimizing grid growth, reducing gassing and extending battery life
  • Flame retardant polypropylene case and covers