C&D msEndur II Batteries

The C&D msEndur II battery has a proven history of reliable service in many Telecom applications. With a wide range of installation options from standard 23” relay racks to NEBS certified racks, the msEndur II is able to be installed virtually anywhere that standby power is required. Achieving the reliability of a VLA battery and footprint of a VRLA battery means that the msEndur II will provide hours of reliable back up time, wherever it’s needed.

The msEndur II series of batteries are unmatched in power density with space saving modular designs that provide the greatest amount of power in a small footprint and have a 20-year design life to reduce the total cost of ownership.
With its ultra-low float current, the msEndur II yields significant electrical costs savings over its life making it the most environmentally friendly 2V VRLA battery.

Models  include: AT-07P / ATL-07P, AT-09P / ATL-09P, AT-11P / ATL-11P, AT-13P / ATL-13P, AT-15P / ATL-15P, AT-17P / ATL-17P, AT-19P / ATL-19P, AT-21P / ATL-21P, AT-23P / ATL-23P, AT-25P / ATL-25P, AT-27P / ATL-27P, AT-29P / ATL-29P, AT-35P / ATL-35P & AT-39P / ATL-39P

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced micro-porous Absorbed Glass Mat separators for ultra-low float current - reduces grid corrosion for a long, usable service life
  • Proprietary alloys minimize positive grid corrosion and growth - maximizes battery life
  • Highly efficient, proprietary plate processing for high utilization of active material - results in high energy density and low float current
  • C&D Ohmic Ring® for ease of maintenance readings
  • Certified to highest seismic requirements
  • Non-Spillable classification for transport
  • Optional low float voltage (52.8V) cell version available (ATLP)

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