The Liberty® DCS features the proven DCS technology for maximum cycle life in a space efficient, cost effective package. The DCS technology coupled with an advanced Nano-Carbon enhanced negative electrode provides time proven results and unmatched, industry leading cycle life, even in partial state of charge (PsoC) operation.

Models include: 100LC17, 100LC17FR, 100LC19, 100LC19FR, 100LC21, 100LC21FR, 100LC23, 100LC23FR, 100LC25, 100LC25FR, 100LC27, 100LC27FR, 100LC29, 100LC29FR, 100LC31, 100LC31FR, 100LC33 & 100LC33FR

Feature and Benefits:

  • Nano-Carbon enhanced for improved durability
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination
  • High density pasted plates for high cycle life
  • Modular design for economy of installation and maintenance
  • Reduced system hardware for rapid installation
  • Rated at 20 hour to 1.75VPC
  • UL recognized component
  • Meets IBC and UBC seismic requirements

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