C&D Liberty 1000 LS 6-200 Batteries

C&D Liberty 1000 LS 6-200 Summary:

C&D Liberty 1000 LS 6-200 batteries are engineered to provide performance reliability and consistency over the life of the product. Designed using C&D’s patented processes, these products offer long battery life with minimal maintenance. The C&D Liberty LS 6-200 10-year VRLA product fits virtually anywhere and provides superior performance in the most demanding applications.

C&D Liberty 1000 LS 12-200 General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 6 volts

Number of Cells: 3 / unit

Rated 8-hr to capacity (Ampere-hours to 1.75 VPC): 200 Ah to 5.25 volts

Rated 15-min capacity (watts per cell to 1.67): 688

Internal resistance per cell: 0.0007393 Ohms

Short circuit current: 5089 A

Unit Height: 8.95 in, 227 mm

Unit Length: 16.58 in, 421 mm

Unit Width: 6.84 in, 174 mm

Weight: 95 lbs, 43 kg

Plate Thickness

      Positive: 0.140 in, 3.56 mm

      Negative: 0.085 in, 2.16 mm

Terminal Characteristics: 0.625 in diameter, threaded copper insert, 0.75 in deep. Fasten with 1/4-20 stainless steel hex bolt / washer.

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