Alpha AlphaCell SMU-HR Indoor UPS Batteries

The AlphaCell SMU-HR Indoor UPS Batteries, with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, is a high discharge rate VRLA battery specifically designed for uninterruptible power supplies, power generation, and switchgear applications. Low calcium grid alloy reduces gassing to extend battery life. This high rate discharge cycle battery is available in 12V with capacities from 9 to 34Ah.

  • High Rate Discharge VRLA Battery.
  • Power range available in 12V with capacities from 9 to 34Ah.
  • Optimized grid for high power density.
  • Upright, side or end mounting.
  • Thermally welded case to cover bond eliminates leakage.
  • Optional flame retardant ABS casing to UL94-VO.
  • 100% replacement warranty.

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