Polarium 23” 2U 100Ah Iron Based Lithium Batteries

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Polarium 23” 2U 100Ah Lithium NMC Batteries can be used for both backup and hybrid applications, keeping your network up-and-running irrespective of energy sources used. Thanks to its embedded intelligence, the battery gives you peace of mind in the face of disruption to the power grid such as peak loads or periodic brownouts. 

Polarium Battery is an advanced power backup system for telecom use. Its rechargeable smart lithium-ion battery provides reliable power backup for hybrid, off-grid and grid-connected telecom sites worldwide. Alpine Power Systems is a proud provider of Polarium lithium batteries.

Foot print designed to directly replace 190 Ah VRLA batteries.  Max charge 50 A (charge control will limit without turning off) and max discharge 100 A. Virtually unlimited parallel operation.

Polarium 23” 2U 100Ah Lithium NMC Battery Specifications:

  • Compact design in 23” mounting, 2U height and 560 mm depth
  • Nominal 100 Ah / -48 V
  • Exceptional life; 20 years or 6000 cycles at 80% DoD
  • Safe every step of the way – from transportation to implementation and maintenance.