Northstar NSB 125TT HT Red Batteries

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NorthStar NSB 125TT HT Red Battery Summary:

The Northstar NSB 125TT HT Red Batteries provides exceptional performance and long float life, even at elevated temperatures. This means huge potential cost savings, due to reduced battery replacement, cooling and maintenance. Conventional lead acid batteries use lead alloys with additives which increase the strength so they can withstand handling during the battery making process. The downside of using these alloys and additives is that the batteries suffer from faster corrosion and component aging.

NorthStar's advanced manufacturing process eliminates the need for alloys and additives - NorthStar's AGM thin plate pure lead technology delivers larger and thinner plates, which means more surface area for active material reactions, which increases power density. 

NSB 125TT HTRed Battery Specifications:

Height: 275 mm, 10.8 in

Width: 173 mm, 6.8 in

Length: 345 mm, 13.6 in

Weight: 44 kg, 97 lbs

Terminal Torque: 8.0 Nm, 71 in-lbs

1 hr capacity to 1.70 VPC (Ah): 96/100

3 hr capacity to 1.70 VPC (Ah): 114/117

8 hr capacity to 1.70 VPC (Ah): 125/127

10 hr capacity to 1.70 VPC (Ah): 127/129

Float Voltage: 2.28/2.27 VCP

Impedance(1KHz): 2.6 mΩ

Conductance​: 2,065 S

Short circuit current: 3,200 A

Nominal Voltage: 12 V

Additional Details


  • AGM (VRLA)

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  • NorthStar NSB HT Safety Data Sheet
  • NorthStar NSB HT Application Manual
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