Leoch OPzS Series

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Leoch OPzS Series, Flooded Tubular Batteries for Critical Central Office Applications:

Leoch OPzS batteries are designed for Central Office Telecommunications, Critical Utility Switchgear and Control power, Distributed Energy, Solar & Wind Energy Storage, &Railway signaling.

Leoch OPzS General Features:

  • Capacity 50 to 3000 AH
  • Virgin lead plates w. copper alloy terminal inserts (low resistance)
  • Wider operating temperature: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)
  • SAN transparent container (Optional Flame Retardant Cover to UL94V-0 Available)
  • Easy Installation in standard or seismic racks
  • Designed for Critical Telecom Applications - 20 year design life
  • 100% initial capacity, uses 1.240 specific gravity with optional 1.215 SG coming soon
  • UL recognized, IEC 60896-11 certified 

Additional Details


  • Renewable Energy
  • Utilities & Switchgear


  • Lead Acid - Flooded