FIAMM SMG 12OPzV1200 Batteries

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The FIAMM SMG 12OPzV1200 is ideal for telecom BTS, emergency lighting and security, railway, airport & seaport signaling, power plants & power distribution control, and monitoring systems.

General Specifications of FIAMM SMG 12OPzV1200:

Type: 12OPzV1200

Model: SMG 1440

Capacity (Ah) at 77°F; 8 hrs to 1.75 VPC: 1440

Short Circuit Current (A) IEC 60896 21-22: 10530

Internal Resistance IEC 60896 21-22: 0.190

Weight (lbs): 212

Dimensions (in)

Length: 8.27

Width: 10.83

Height:  27.48

Nominal Voltage: 2V

Float Voltage at 77°F: 2.25 V/cell

Additional Details


  • Emergency Lighting
  • Security & Alarms


  • Gel (VRLA)


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  • FIAMM SMG OPzV Specifications