EnerSys PowerSafe 4DU-07 Batteries

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The PowerSafe 4DU-07 battery has been designed to handle the demanding float and deep discharges typical for telecommunication applications. The DU battery series features proven flat plate lead-calcium grid alloy and is the largest amp hour capacity four cell battery in the industry ranging from 310 to 780Ah.

General Specifications of 4DU-07:

Cell Type: 4DU-07

Nominal Ah Capacity1: 395

Length (in): 9.5

Length (mm): 241

Width (in): 16.0

Width (mm): 406

Height (in): 22.7

Height (mm): 576

Height***(in): 26.9

Height***(mm): 683

Weight-Volumes. Electrolyte only 1.215 S.G.

lbs: 59

kg: 27

gal: 5.8

liters: 22

Additional Details


  • CATV & Broadband
  • Telecom


  • Lead Acid - Flooded

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  • EnerSys PowerSafe D Safety Data Sheet
  • EnerSys PowerSafe D Owners Manual
  • EnerSys PowerSafe D Performance Specs
  • EnerSys PowerSafe D Range Summary
  • Standby-Power-Product-Overview.pdf