C&D MCT HP Batteries

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The C&D MCT-HP offers 4,000 Ampere-hours with a 20 year design life for large capacity standby power applications. The C&D MCT-HP design also incorporates advanced plate and separator designs to provide excellent 3 to 5 hour duration capacity, while proven MCT manufacturing technology produces consistent initial performance and a long service life. Seismically certified racks and protective cradles ensure that the MCT-HP can be installed in virtually any region of the globe.

C&D MCT HP Features & Benefits:

  • 20 Year Design Life
  • Industry leading 8 hour capacity
  • Superior performance at 3 to 5 hour discharge rates
  • Proprietary ingredients and processes for consistent cell voltages
  • NEBS level 3 certified
  • Fits all existing MCT-II racks

Additional Details


  • Utilities & Switchgear


  • Lead Acid - Flooded


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  • C-D-MCT-HP-Brochure.pdf
  • C&D MCT HP Safety Data Sheet
  • C&D MCT HP Rack Literature
  • C&D MCT HP IO Instructions