Telecom Batteries

Telecommunication is the transmission of voice and digital information over long distances. Reliable telecom backup equipment is crucial for the rapidly increasing demand for mobile services. When there are power outages, telecommunication systems are at risk of failing. In the event of AC loss, backup telecom batteries ensure these systems are still running to help prevent avoidable downtime. Alpine Power Systems has the experience to assess the correct telecom backup power systems for our customer’s telecommunication requirements and, as a Diamond Value-Added Distributer of EnerSys, C&D Technologies, East Penn Deka, and Exide GNB, has the expertise to install, maintain, and test the telecom backup systems to prevent outages and optimize performance. Alpine has a full “cradle-to-grave” service for recycling sealed (VRLA) and wet (VLA, flooded) telecom batteries.

Alpine provides a vast portfolio of premium batteries for all telecom applications including fixed-wireline and wireless, central office, outside plant, broadband, customer premise, PBX, microwave, DSL, and fiber optic distribution, ground cabinets, pole mounted cabinets, and large cellular sites and structures.

We can provide backup power systems for telecommunication applications featuring a variety of different battery chemistries including VRLA (Valve-Regulated-Lead-Acid), VRLA AGM (Absorbent-Glass-Mat), VRLA Gel, VRLA TPPL (Thin-Plate-Pure-Lead), Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), Lithium Ion (LIB), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). Alpine offers elaborate telecom power systems that can include chargers, rectifiers, distribution and cabinets.

Our Certified Technicians are all trained to follow IEEE, NERC & OSHA guidelines so you can trust that your backup telecom batteries will be installed and maintained properly. Alpine’s team of technicians are on call for expert installation of new cells and proper battery removal and recycling of your expired scrap ups batteries.