Vision Deep Cycle Series Batteries

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VISION Deep Cycle series batteries are designed to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions, with very heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle (deep cycle). The VISION Deep-cycle battery uses a different chemistry for the plates active paste material, and a slightly stronger electrolyte than normal battery electrolyte, whick allows for a much longer life in deep cycle applications.

Product Standards

• Compliant with international standards JIS C8702, BS6290-4 & IEC60896-21/22
• Classified as long life according to the Eurobat Guide/HF
• Able to be shipped as non-hazardous cargo
• The production facilities are certificated to ISO9001 & ISO14001 

General Features

Environmentally friendly
• High Reliability and Good Quality
• Deep Discharge Recovery
• High Power Density
• Long Service Life, in Float or Cyclic
• International Standard, JIS and DIN

Additional Details


  • CATV & Broadband
  • Telecom


  • AGM (VRLA)



Downloads & Documentation

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  • Vision_FM-Deep-Cycle-Brochure.pdf
  • Vision-VRLA-battery-User-Manual.pdf