Leoch LPS 12-145FT Batteries

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Leoch LPS 12-145FT Summary:

The Leoch LPS 12-145FT Batteries are designed for Green energy systems (solar, wind, hydro, etc., solar power stations, Measurement stations, Pump systems, & Signal station.

Leoch LPS 12-145FT General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12

Rated Capacity (AH):

      100HR-1.80 V / Cell: 143.8

        20HR-1.80 V / Cell: 131.3

        10HR-1.80 V / Cell: 125

        5HR-1.75 V / Cell: 109.1

        1HR-1.60 V / Cell: 75.9

Unit Length: 552 mm, 21.7 in

Unit Width: 110 mm, 4.33 in

Unit Height: 288 mm, 11.3 in

Total Height: 288 mm, 11.3 in

Approximate Weight: 41.5 kg, 91.3 lbs

Terminal Type: T6