Vertiv BBE DSX Outdoor Enclosures

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The Vertiv BBE DSX Series of enclosures integrate a protective, ventilated compartment for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics with a weather-resistant compartment for cross-connect fields in a single enclosure.

Vertiv BBE DSX Outdoor Enclosure Benefits:

  • Reduces deployment costs and simplifies transition to digital services.
  • Provides secuity and ventalation to multiple suppliers hardened electronics.
  • Moisture resistant RLS50 IDC CAT5 terminal blocks (tight twist blocks) offer rapid pair-at-a-time no-strip jumpering

Vertiv BBE DSX Outdoor Enclosure

  • Hardened DSLAM and cross connect (XC)  housed in a single cabinet - reduces deployment costs and simplifies transition to digital services
  • Free-breathing, chamber for DSLAM units - provides necessary air flow, protects units from vandalism, allows craft separation
  • Cross-Connects accommodates RLS50 connection blocks
  • Same terminal block style for both POTS and DSL - flexibility to assign available pairs to either service
  • Line or AC power feed configurations - utilize the available local sources to power the DSLAM units or feed remotely
  • Pedestal, Pole or pad-mount options - reduce site restrictions and accommodate varying amounts of contained equipment