BHS Quad Stack Battery Extractors (BE-QS

Battery Handling Solutions for Large Forklift Fleets

Quad Stack Battery Extractors (BE-QS) from BHS offer the greatest combination of space-saving design, efficiency, and safety for fleets with more than 300 batteries. With battery change-outs averaging just a few minutes per lift truck, a BE-QS system can improve battery room efficiency significantly, freeing forklifts to complete more material handling tasks.

The advanced BHS lift system incorporates four hydraulic lift cylinders with a four-point equalization system. This combination keeps the battery carriage moving smoothly and evenly, while the exclusive Non-Inter-Flow hydraulic manifold routes power to adjust to the shifting weight of a battery transfer.

Battery beds ensure load stability during travel with five hydraulic-powered rollers supported by six additional idler rollers. The careful spacing of these rollers prevents damage to battery cases and supports the 10,000 pound load capacity that allows the BE-QS to bear the industry’s heaviest batteries safely.

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