BHS Double Stack Battery Extractor (BE-DS)

A Forklift Battery Changer for Vertical Storage Systems

The BHS Double Stack Battery Extractor (BE-DS) effortlessly transfers batteries from racking systems up to two levels high. Paired with Double Stack System Stands, the BE-DS provides a quick return on investment by significantly improving efficiency in the battery room. Four hydraulic lift cylinders provide safe, smooth lift travel, while a pair of powered drive wheels move the carriage quietly along the track.

The BE-DS incorporates several exclusive safety features to ensure unprecedented protection for operators. The Non-Inner-Flow Manifold controls hydraulic power, adjusting to shifting loads. Meanwhile, velocity fuses instantly arrest vertical travel in the unlikely event of hydraulic hose rupture.

When storage prices are at a premium, storing forklift batteries in stacked system stands can free up more space for revenue-generating activities. The BE-DS speeds up battery changes while conserving valuable space, and provides dependable service for battery fleets with an approximate range of 100 – 149 batteries.

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