Watering Guns

No battery room should be without this essential maintenance tool, the battery watering gun. Simply connect the Battery Watering Gun to a standard water hose or a Deionizer, put the tip of the gun into the cell and squeeze the ergonomic handle. Alpine Power Systems carries industrial battery watering guns from all of the leading manufacturers including Philadelphia Scientific, Battery Watering Technologies, and Flow-Rite.

Our manual battery watering guns attach to any standard hose, water deionizer and most watering carts to make forklift battery watering fast, safe and easy.  When looking to fill your forklift batteries you could go with a traditional watering gun, or a Direct Fill Link. Direct Fill Links are a type of battery watering gun that are more robust and less cumbersome to handle than a traditional watering gun. The ergonomic streamlines design makes them more comfortable to use. An inexpensive and safer alternative to manual battery watering, the watering gun delivers a precise flow rate for quick and easy battery filling. The mechanism will automatically shut off at exactly the right electrolyte level. Our reliable battery watering guns speed up battery watering, improves filling accuracy, and improves operator safety. It also saves money; compared to hand watering, our battery watering gun reduces labor costs up to $150 a year for each 18-cell battery. Our motive power battery watering gun keeps eyes and face away from battery hazards, and reduces backache from bending over forklift batteries. The watering guns are insulated to prevent sparking on connectors. The shutoff mechanism has been tested to 1 million cycles and proven in hundreds of thousands of tough applications worldwide. Powered by the water itself, it has no solenoids, no electronics and no wiring. The flow rate is 1.7 gallons/minute (6.4 liters/minute), which is fast enough for the largest cells. Yet the flow is gentle enough to fill a coffee mug. All of our industrial battery watering gun products fit into all flip-top vent caps and standard push-in bayonet and DIN openings.