Hindle Power

Hindle Power is a premier provider of Industrial Battery Chargers. Alpine Power Systems is an approved vendor of Hindle Power products. Hindle Power Products fulfills a variety of dc power applications throughout the Utility Industry in both Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution. Hindle Power also satisfy application requirements in Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Railway and Manufacturing. Hindle Power offers the most comprehensive line of stationary float battery chargers and custom DC power systems. Hindle Power has been designing and manufacturing industrial (non-commercial) battery chargers and dc power systems for the utility industry for over 35 years. HindlePower’s products range in power level from one to 150 kW, and feature both single phase and three phase inputs. HindlePower’s main product line (AT10.1 / AT30) currently utilizes Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) conversion techniques at 50/60 Hz, with microprocessors performing all control, instrumentation, and diagnostic functions.

Contact Alpine’s Inside Sales Team regarding Hindle Power products at 877-993-8855 or email us at connect@alpinepowersystems.com


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