Stryten GNB Network Power

Alpine carries Stryten GNB network power batteries in large quantities. Alpine Power Systems is an approved platinum supplier of Stryten GNB stationary batteries. Stryten GNB (previously owned by Exide Technologies) manufacturers batteries for Telecom, UPS, Switchgear, Utility, CATV, Broadband, Renewable Energy, Alarms, Security, Emergency Lighting and other critical systems. Around the world, GNB Network Power’s line of stationary power batteries are trusted to supply power to critical systems that cannot be interrupted. GNB offers a variety of battery and charger technologies to meet your application and cost needs including AGM (VLRA), Flooded, Gel (VRLA), Lithium-Ion, and more. Stryten GNB’s lines of backup power batteries include popular brands such as Absolyte GP, Absolyte GX, Sprinter, Marathon FT, Marathon M, Flooded Classic, and more.