Forklift Battery & Charger Safety Tips



Tips to follow when performing routine forklift battery maintenance.

Battery & Charger Safety Tips

  1. No Smoking or Open Flame Near Batteries: Gases produced by a battery may be explosive. Keep the charging area well ventilated.
  2. Caution: Batteries Contain Sulfuric Acid: Sulfuric acid may cause severe burns. In case of contact, flush immediately and thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention if eyes are affected.
  3. Wear Protective Clothing: When handling or working on a battery, it is best to wear a face shield, plastic, or rubber gloves and an apron for optimum protection to eyes, skin and clothing.
  4. Keep Metal Objects Off Battery: A battery is electrically live at all times. Metal objects can conduct electricity, resulting in a shock. For this reason, do not lay metal objects on a battery. Do not wear jewelry while servicing a battery. Use only insulated tools when working on a battery.
  5. Always Turn Off the Charger Prior to Disconnecting the Battery: It is important to utilize the charger stop button prior to disconnecting the battery to prevent arcing.
  6. Clean and Neutralize Batteries Regularly: Keep the battery top clean and dry. Clean and neutralize the battery regularly with an approved product.
  7. Limit Discharge to 80% of Battery's Rated Capacity: For maximum life, charge in a cool, well-ventilated location. Allow the battery to cool down after discharge and recharge (Non-Opportunity Charge Applications). Set charger for weekly equalization charges.
  8. Only Add Water to Batteries – Never Add Acid or Other Solutions: Only water after the battery is 100% charged. Do not add water until actual visual inspection shows the tops of separators/plates are visible. Upon establishing a repetitive routine, water the battery at that interval. If water source contains heavy metals, distilled water may be required.
  9. Ensure All Vent Caps are in Place and Tight: Keep them clean and dry to ensure a good seal.
  10. Only Authorized Representatives Should Service the Batteries & Chargers: Batteries & Chargers should only be serviced by an authorized service representative. 

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