Midtronics Cellguard System

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The Midtronics Cellguard System combines wireless communication with patented, field-proven battery conductance analysis technology. It lowers total cost of ownership while providing the most thorough and easy to access stationary battery health diagnostics offering:

  • Real time, 24/7/365, continuous battery system monitoring
  • System integration flexibility with advanced notifications 
  • High return on investment
  • System architecture and reporting capabilities
  • Managed Services available for in-depth analysis and consultation
  • Comprehensive battery system diagnostics

Application compatibility:

  • Telecom & DC Plants online
  • All UPS applications
  • Utility switchgear & communications systems
  • Battery voltages down to 1 volt
  • Makes compliance with the new NERC standard PRC-005 quick and easy

Uptime is a Requirement in Todays Connected World

Power systems rely on batteries to provide critical backup energy. Many factors can stress power system integrity, from natural disasters to human error. When power is lost, mission critical backup systems must perform. Without proper surveillance of mission critical system status, there is a risk of catastrophic loss for healthcare organizations, financial organizations, and many other key service providers. Customer satisfaction can be compromised resulting in far reaching financial impact.

Deploying Midtronics Cellguard battery monitoring solution ensures your batteries will perform as expected in crucial times when the unexpected happens.

Battery Level Measurements

Conductance Range:
100 to 15,000 Siemens (Mhos)

Test Current:
Approx. 5 Amps RMS

2V Battery Accuracy: +/-10mv
12V Battery Accuracy: +/-30mv

Temperature (negative post):
Range: 0° C to +65°C
Accuracy: +/- 2°C

Strap Resistance:
2 µOhms minimum
Measured in µOhms

String Level Measurements

Range: 18 to 600 VDC
Accuracy: 5%

Discharge Current:
Range:  - 15 to 2400A

Charge Current:
Range:  15A to 200A

Ripple Current:
Peak AC ripple detection

Ambient Temperature:
Range:  0° C to +65° C

Alpine Power Systems is a value-added reseller of Midtronics products. Alpine can provide battery testing equipment services on all Midtronics products including engineering, installation, preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling. Alpine provides services for data centers, telecom, healthcare, oil & gas and many other applications. Call our inside sales group at 877-993-8855 for assistance.


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  • Midtronics Cellguard Brochure
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