C&D LCR & LCY Batteries

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C&D LCR & LCY flooded batteries are engineered for switchgear & utilities applications to provide superior performance and reliability over the life of the product. These batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

  • For switchgear and control applications
  • Capacities from 900 to 2400 Ampere-hours

Models include: 2LAR-13 / 2LCR-13, 2LAR-15 / 2LCR-15, LAR-13 / LCR-13, LAR-15 / LCR-15, LAR-17 / LCR-17, LAR-19 / LCR-19, LAR-21 / LCR-21, LAR-23 / LCR-23, LAR-25 / LCR-25, LAR-27 / LCR-27, LAR-29 / LCR-29, LAR-31 / LCR-31, LAR-33 / LCR-33, LCY-35, LCY-37 & LCY-39

Features and Benefits:

  • Electrical testing to 100% capacity of every battery string prior to shipping assures performance of every battery string upon delivery
  • Long life positive plates cast with a proprietary process and alloy
  • Waterbath charging results in consistently formed plates for reliable performance out of the box (no cycling required in the field)
  • Suspended positive plates permit free growth without pressure on jar and cover
  • 20 year environmental and seismic nuclear qualification (calcium)

Safe Operation

  • Flame-retardant covers enhance battery plant safety with self-extinguishing properties, LOI>32%, UL 94V-0.
  • Low-evaporation, flame-arrester vent to extend watering intervals and prevent external sparks from reacting with the hydrogen inside the cell.

Cost Savings

  • Transparent container allows visual inspection of plates.
  • Soft rubber post seal minimizes stress on post reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Computer controlled heli-arc welded post seals result in consistent and reliable seals for less maintenance and longer product life.


  • Electric Power Generation Facilities
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Emergency Systems
  • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Assembly Lines
    • Process Controls 
  • Petrochemical processing plants
  • Pipelines

Additional Details


  • Lead Acid - Flooded



Downloads & Documentation

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  • C&D LCR/LCY Batteries Brochure
  • C&D LCR/LCY Batteries Manual
  • C&D LCR/LCY Batteries Safety Data Sheet