Vision CTA12-85X Batteries

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Vision CTA12-85X Summary:

The Vision CTA12-85X valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed specifically for use in applications where demand the highest levels of security and reliability. With proven compliance to international standards, VISION CTA is recognized as one of the best battery series for Telecom & IT applications.

The adoption of gas recombination technology enables lead acid batteries be manufactured in sealed design and maintenance-free. 

This Technology provides the user with the freedom to use lead acid batteries in a wide range of applications and batteries can be installed in any locations.
The VISION CTA Front Terminal batteries are suitable for 19', 23', and ETSI racking, give users the benefit of increased energy density. With all electrical connections at the front, installation and inspection are simple quicker.

Vision CTA12-85X General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage (V): 12

Nominal Capacity (20hr/Ah): 85

Unit Length: 393 mm, 15.47 in

Unit Width: 125 mm, 4.92 in

Unit Height: 256 mm, 10.08 in

Total Height: 256 mm, 10.08 in

Terminal: F15

Weight: 32.0 kg, 70.55 lbs

Additional Details


  • Telecom


  • AGM (VRLA)