Leoch LPF12-190 Batteries

Leoch LPF 12-190 Summary:

The Leoch LPF12-190 is designed for UPS power cabinets requiring front terminals for easy maintenance recording, critical UPS, standby power supply,  and APU systems.

Designed for Standard 19" or 23 " relay racks and power cabinets / Network connection equipment of communication systems / Wireless and Wireline Telecom sites / local area network / Power stations systems / Excellent for APU (Aux Power Units)

Leoch LPF 12-190 General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12

Rated Capacity (AH):

      10HR-1.80 V / Cell: 200

        8HR-1.80 V / Cell: 192.0

        5HR-1.75 V / Cell: 173.0

        1HR-1.67 V / Cell: 131.2

Unit Length: 560 mm, 22.05 in

Unit Width: 126 mm, 4.96 in

Unit Height: 320 mm, 12.6 in

Approximate Weight: 54.0 kg, 119.1 lbs

Terminal Type: T11


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