EnerSys Powersafe DDm DD100-25 Batteries

The EnerSys PowerSafe® DDm DDm100-25 battery range offers an ideal solution for large capacity Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) battery requirements. EnerSys PowerSafe® DDm DDm100-25 battery’s steel can (module) design, with its integral racking system, provides a cost effective battery system. This creates a compact, quick and simple installation process. EnerSys PowerSafe® DDm DDm100-25 battery, with its optimized recombination technology and extra thick plates, provides excellent performance and service life across a wide range of applications including: telecommunications, power generation/distribution sites, and UPS.

General Specifications:

Nominal Capacity (Ah):

10hr. rate 1.80Vpc @ 20°C: 1200

8hr. rate 1.75Vpc @ 77°F: 1200

Nominal Dimensions:

Length (mm): 252

Length (in): 9.9

Height (mm): 165

Height (in): 6.5

Can Depth (mm): 590

Can Depth (in): 23.2

Module Depth (mm): 624

Module Depth (in): 24.5

Typical Weight of Cell(s) in Can (kg): 86.5

Typical Weight of Cell(s) in Can (lbs): 192.1

Internal Resistance Micro-Ohms: 225

Short Circuit Current (Amps): 9267

Electrolyte (1.300 S.G.)

Volume (per cell) (oz): 499

Volume (per cell) (L): 14.9

Weight (per cell) (lbs): 42.7

Weight (per cell) (kg): 19.4

Pure Acid (1.835 S.G.)

Volume (per cell) (oz):142.0

Volume (per cell) (L): 4.2

Weight (per cell) (lbs): 16.9

Weight (per cell) (kg): 7.7

Lead Weight (per cell) (lbs): 127

Lead Weight (per cell) (kg): 57.6

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