EnerSys PowerSafe 11 OPzS 1100 Batteries

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EnerSys PowerSafe 11 OPzS 1100 Summary:

EnerSys PowerSafe 11 OPzS 1100 Batteries are engineered with an optimized plate design and they feature increased capacity exceeding the DIN standard. Additionally the die cast tubular plate with low antimony content offers excellent cycling capabilities and a proven long life under float conditions. The pasted negative flat plate design provides the perfect balance for maximum performance.

Combined with the features above, a molded transparent Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) jar which allows for easy visual check of the electrolyte level, color coded terminals for easy polarity recognition, a single cell per jar design for simple maintenance, and brass inserted posts enabling high rate capability make the PowerSafe OPzS batteries ideal for a wide range of applications

EnerSys PowerSafe 11 OPzS 1100 General Specifications:

Nominal Ah Capacity: 1227

Length: 8.3 in, 210 mm

Width: 10.8 in, 275 mm

Height: 27.4 in, 695 mm

Unpacked: 185.7 lbs, 84.4 kg

Electrolyte only 1.240 S.G.: 56.8 lbs 25.8 kg 5.5 gal 20.8 liters

Additional Details


  • Emergency Lighting
  • Telecom
  • Utilities & Switchgear


  • Lead Acid - Flooded


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